uchihahotline: “My name is Cindy Moon. Intern by day, superhero...



“My name is Cindy Moon. Intern by day, superhero by night– Actually, I fight crime by day too.”


I know this is not anime-related, but I decided to share my Silk/Cindy cosplay here on Tumblr as well!! As many of you know we’re huge Spider-man fans and I’ve waited nearly two decades for an Asian American spiderhero that I felt I could identify with. Silk goes way beyond my expectations and I absolutely love her story, personality, and how she breaks so many stereotypes about AAPI and mental health. She’s also the hero I talked about in my presentation from my Miami conference! Reading her comic gave me the confidence to endure all the hardships I’ve faced. She has honestly become one of my great passions and being her was definitely a dream come true, a costume I’ve wanted to don since the first image was released. 

Everyone who works on her is amazing, but my cosplay for this shoot was based on the way @jigokuen (aka the amazing Mingjue Helen Chen) drew her when she had long hair! Thank you so much Mingjue for drawing Cindy in a way that really inspired me to believe I could pull off being a hero just like her, slip-ups, corny jokes, Sailor Moon posters, Skull Kid figure, and all. <3

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